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SSZ Magazine issue 1 - Eboy

Image of SSZ Magazine issue 1 - Eboy



The inaugural issue of ShellsuitZombie magazine!
Packed full of interviews, goss and nonsense from a graduate perspective, we aim to be the young voice of the creative industry.

What you get:

- An exclusive Eboy cover and fold-out poster

- Articles on topics such as: Moustaches, Cake, Can D&AD play pool, Glug, 'Industry Ready?' Idea vs Execution, nudity, people-watching, mums on facebook and many more from contributors including Adrian Shaughnessy, Sanky and Eboy as well as tutors, grads and students from all over the country.

- 64 pages of uncoated B5 waffle and a shellsuitzombie sticker.


'Cheeky, but to-the-point ... witty and eccentric' - Design Week
'Completely unapologetic' - Stack
'raw but refreshing ... with no lack of attitude' - MagCulture
'Quite interesting' - D&AD


Sold Out